Tannery Machine Factory

Since 1979 O.M.C. Guarino Tannery Machines Srl has been producing machines for tannery in Solofra. The company, having acquired a long experienced and know-how in the tanning industry, is committed to continuously combine decades knowledge in this field and Made in Italy high quality products.

officina meccanica guarino

O.M.C. Guarino Tannery Machine Srl was born in 1972 in the tannery district of Solofra. From the very beginning of its business, the company has been standing out for the attention given to details and to its customer needs.

The company, actually born in one of the most important Italian tannery district, by collecting experiences of generations in the tanning field to enhance them with the aim to provide an attentive and dedicated technical assistance services, in 1979 started to create machines suited to the needs of craftsmanship work in this field.

O.M.C. Guarino Tannery Machines Srl provides tannery machines mainly for processing sheepskins assembled with high quality materials and components. The use of iron casting allow the realization of machinery for the tanning industry sturdier than the most common and economical one distinguished by perfectly welded metal structures. This ensures high reliability and enables the optimization of production processes

The attention paid to the tannery reality, both in the machinery design and construction phase, is reflected in a diligent after sales service, which is branched throughout the world equally.

The study of customer needs and high skills of its employees allows the Company to customize and promote items in and for different markets.

O.C.M. Guarino Tannery Machines Srl, thanks to his competitiveness and quality, boasts partnership with Mamuda Group, Winall Industries LTD, DSI Ltd, TMM - Tanneries Megisseries Du Maghreb.